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Robur Capital began in December 2009 in order to provide capital support for Robur LLC, an oil and gas first purchaser and marketer. Robur Capital is organized as a Texas limited partnership, whose partners own Robur LLC.

Although Robur Capital limits its ownership to those who own Robur LLC, it will pursue a new, separate partnership formation for investors interested in its investment philosophy and application. Robur Capital subscribes to value-investing principles, always acting with a long-term focus. It manages money in a partnership by buying and selling the stocks of strong, well-known companies traded on NYSE and NASDAQ, on a long-term basis. Besides its stock portfolio, it maintains a large position in cash equivalents.

To make buy-and-sell decisions, Robur Capital focuses heavily on the business operations underlying any given stock – expecting strong business operations, over time, to result in higher stock prices despite short-term market fluctuations.